The Library Project

The Library Project

In a world that's increasingly digital, the role of libraries as beacons of knowledge, community, and growth remains irreplaceable. I'm excited to unveil my latest endeavor to champion these sanctuaries of learning – an initiative that's both artistic and altruistic. Introducing two new library stickers, designed to celebrate the magic of libraries and support them in diverse ways.

I (heart) My Library

The Magic of Libraries: More Than Just Books

Libraries have been pivotal in shaping countless lives, sparking curiosity, nurturing minds, and fostering a love for learning. As the face behind Shemazing Designs, I wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment and understand that libraries are more than just buildings housing books; they are places of transformation and empowerment.

Just seeing the word LIBRARY fills me with unexplainable joy. So, it is my hope that these stickers embody the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading, and the endless possibilities that libraries offer. Whether you're a book enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or simply someone who cherishes the value of community spaces, I hope these stickers resonate with you.

Supporting Libraries, One Sticker at a Time

My commitment to libraries extends beyond aesthetics. With every purchase of tthese library stickers, you're contributing to something much bigger – the sustained growth of libraries across the country. I am proud to announce that 25% of the profits from the sale of these stickers will be donated to local library initiatives. 

This direct contribution is my way of giving back to a space that has enriched my lives and countless others. The funds raised will go towards initiatives that enhance library experiences, promote literacy, and ensure access to valuable resources for all.

Spreading the Love Nationwide

But that's not all. This initiative extends its reach even further. I am thrilled to offer these stickers as digital files to libraries nationwide. If you're affiliated with a library and believe in the power of these stickers to inspire and engage, I am making it easier than ever to get involved. Send me an email with proof of your affiliation, and I'll provide you with print-ready files. Whether you choose to print them in-house or collaborate with a local printer, these stickers can be distributed freely or used as fundraisers, igniting a ripple effect of support for libraries everywhere.

A Personal Passion for Libraries

My passion for libraries is deeply personal. I recognize the profound impact that libraries have on individuals, especially young minds. I believe in the potential of libraries to change lives, to kindle dreams, and to broaden horizons.

Join me in this journey to celebrate libraries – not just as spaces filled with books, but as spaces filled with boundless opportunities. Purchase these library stickers or these library stickers, spread the word, and let's make a difference together in nurturing the minds and hearts of generations to come.

In a world where progress sometimes threatens tradition, libraries stand tall as guardians of knowledge and unity. Let's stand by them, let's support them, and let's ensure that their legacy endures.

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