New Day Cleveland Experience

New Day Cleveland Experience

If you are you on my email list, or follow me on social media you know that I had this really amazing opportunity last week. I was invited to show my products on a morning news program in Cleveland - like THE morning news program in Cleveland. New Day Cleveland is this fantastic morning show and I had such an amazing time.

Things I learned:

  • Someone has to keep the ball moving. There are actually several someone's with a schedule in their hands at ALL times constantly reminding someone that they're supposed to be doing something in 'X' number of minutes. 
  • A red light (think fire truck - or cop car) tells you when you need to SHUT UP because they're LIVE on the air
  • I am not sure I could read a teleprompter if my life depended on it. 
  • The green room is meant to keep you out of everyone's way - they didn't tell me that, but that's what I deduced. Stick them all in the room so we can find them easily and they're not in our way.
  • The people who do LIVE TV programs on a daily basis have to be at least a little anxious all the time because so many things revolve around YOU doing your job - your ONE job, but all 15 of you have to do your ONE job or Barbara doesn't get to watch Natalie and David!

All joking aside, it was such a fabulous experience! I met some of the nicest people that day. Emma Justice, the producer who contacted me about coming, was so sweet! Natalie made the on-air experience super fun and easy. If you've ever wondered if New Day feels the same behind the scenes as it does on TV, the answer is absolutely, except there's someone constantly reminding you about time for upcoming segments. ;)

Here's the clip from my segment just in case some of you missed it and would like to see it:


Thanks to the New Day Cleveland Team for such a great day and a special experience. 

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