So Many Ways to Washi

So Many Ways to Washi

What the Heck is Washi?
Washi is the fun, masking-tape like tool in the crafting world. You can't have just one roll either. Once you figure out how many things you can use it for, something takes hold and you just have to buy more - and more. You can basically use it like scotch tape off the roll, but it is removable and has no residue. It's just so lovely!
A simple Pinterest search can reveal so many ways people have come up with to use washi - a google image search yielded some of the following. Also, believe me when I tell you there are at least 10 more ways for every image I show you below. 
Tab Dividers
washi tape tab dividers
Journal/Planner Banners
washi tape banners
Mood Tracker
washi tape mood tracker
Clean Edge, Color-Coded Pages
washi tape page edge
Washi Tape Bunting
washi tape bunting
Frame Your Photos
Color Code your Keys
washi tape keys
Organize Your Schedule
washi tape planner
Wall Calendar
washi wall calendar
Washi Tealights
washi tea lights
Washi Magnetic Bookmarks

magnetic washi bookmarks

Me, personally, I use it a lot in my planner. I seal your packages and envelopes with it. I have SO much washi! SOOOO much washi. It just felt like a natural thing include it the the Shemazing Designs line up. 
You can find them here:

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