The Dark Side - Halloween and Christianity

The Dark Side - Halloween and Christianity

If you grew up in Christian circles, it's possible that you have a weird relationship with Halloween. Dressing up for Halloween? Maybe ok, depending on your denomination. Trick or Treat? Ok, except for that crazy time in the 80s when parents were worried about people bad people lacing your candy with LSD. 

Side Note: Was there any evidence that this actually ever happened? Who decided someone was actually going to want to see a bunch of little kids trippin' on LSD? NO ONE, that's who! That was some made up bullshit!

Back to Halloween and church people. So, I get that Halloween and church are like polar opposites. However, we really need to understand that not everything is black and white. It's taken me a long time to work out some of these things for myself. 

Everything about Halloween doesn't have to be "evil" or "bad". Halloween can be fun and you can still love Jesus. I said what I said. If you choose not to, that's a personal decision and choice and it should not be used to reflect judgment upon others. Yep. I said that too.

Not being about to enjoy something fun is just Boo-Sheet!

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