Olivia Kate Hearts with Soul card set

When Others Invest in You

When I was young, I remember so many instances of what I would consider people investing in me - time, energy, money. Honestly, I think it's one of the reasons I have taught for as long as I have - it's why I feel like it's important to show up for things, etc.

Let me rewind...

I grew up in a small town. I knew everyone on my street and by MY street, I mean my actual street, the connecting streets and many other streets in town. I can still, in my mind's eye, tell you the names of the people who lived in each of the houses on those streets. I tell you this because now that I live in a city, I can see how it would seem odd to someone who grew up in an urban area that anyone would care to be involved in a child's life that isn't family - obligated. However, my community showed up. I knew SO many of my neighbors and friend's parents and I was pretty sure they were there for me as much as their own kid anytime we had events. 

Now that I'm an adult, I really do think that having people other than just your parents simply show up makes a real difference for kids. You will never convince me otherwise. I say all of this to tell you that May's release is just another instance of me getting the wonderful opportunity to do for someone what was done for me. 

Enter Olivia Kate:                  

I've known this sassy beauty since she was a tot. The last time I asked, she still wanted to be a fashion designer. She is smart, fun, creative and absolutely delightful. We talked about her doing some freelance work for Shemazing Designs and she was all in! So, we are thrilled to release the first of Olivia's creations with this set of Hearts with Soul. Olivia and I share a heart for our friend (and her name's sake) Kate's workplace - Akron Canton Regional Foodbank - and the work that they do , so we're thrilled that part of the proceeds from this project will also benefit ACRFB!

This set will release on May 1st! 

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