Love, Snark and Lots of Heart

Love, Snark and Lots of Heart

Shemazing Designs began during the pandemic - a pandemic baby of a business. It's evolved and grown and we are now at a point where the product line needed to be more cohesive and feel a little more like ME - and what Shemazing Designs has become. 

When I first started, I was told by multiple people to 'pick a lane' - you can sketch note or you can letter, but you shouldn't do both. However, sketch notes have been and are becoming a huge part of Shemazing Designs retail side. 

So, the snark is here to stay - it's my love language, but the sketch notes shall remain, as well. It's how I tell stories and cope and it seems to resonate with y'all too! 

So, 3 years in, I'm here to say THANK YOU. Thanks for steering me on this crazy journey. Thanks for coming alongside me and just letting me be ME! 

With the launch of this new site comes a few new items (and hopefully even more by year's end), as well as some crazy new resources. Let's see what you like - make sure you tell me what you want more of! Things in the vault have often been made available for purchase, but from this point forward, they will simply be for Snarky Side subscribers ONLY.


Because you've been SO patient, I've added 3....THREE new resource to the vault for you!

Love, Snark and Lots of Heart,


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