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Adulting is Bullshit Notepad - 5x7

Adulting is Bullshit Notepad - 5x7

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Navigating adulthood deserves a touch of humor and a whole lot of sass. This notepad is your survival guide, featuring two columns that perfectly capture the essence of adulting chaos. The balance between the "OMG! Be an Adult!" and "F*** it! Do it Later!" columns mirrors the perpetual struggle of adult responsibilities. Transform mundane to-dos into a laugh with this notepad that gets your adulting priorities straight. Make adulting a bit more bearable, one sarcastic note at a time. Because let's face it, sometimes a well-timed "F*** it!" is the best strategy.

  • Paper Weight: 70#
  • Size: 5” x 7”
  • 50 Pages Per Pad
  • Durable Chipboard Backing
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