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Procrastination Agenda Notepad - 5x7

Procrastination Agenda Notepad - 5x7

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Who needs deadlines when you've mastered the art of fashionably late? This 5x7 notepad is your go-to accomplice for turning procrastination into a fine art.

  • Embrace your inner procrastinator with 18 lines for tasks that you'll totally get to... eventually.
  • A cheeky space to mark tasks as "completed" because crossing things off is so last minute.
  • The small notes section at the bottom is perfect for those last-minute strokes of genius or doodles.

Turn your to-dos into "eh, I'll do it later" masterpieces. After all, procrastination isn't a flaw; it's a lifestyle choice.

  • Paper Weight: 70#
  • Size: 5” x 7”
  • 50 Pages Per Pad
  • Durable Chipboard Backing
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