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You’re the Bees Knees | 3” Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers

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You are amazing and so is this sticker! It's like you were made for each other, or maybe your gem of a friend needs this sticker. Hey, give yourself AND your fabulous friend a gift! Sticker twinsies!


This is a 3" round, weatherproof vinyl sticker is perfect for your laptop, car, notebook, tablet, phone, waterbottle, thermos, etc. (basically, stick it anywhere you like!). This sticker has a UV coating to protect from sun fading and can even go through the dishwasher or car wash! Stickers features my original illustration and hand lettering. Stickers measure 3" Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings. — SHIPPING — Each sticker is packaged individually by hand in a clear poly bag and a piece of rigid material will be placed inside to reduce the chances of bending or damage.


NOTE: Use the code STICKIT for FREE SHIPPING if this is all you're ordering.


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